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I have had the idea of writing this blog post for a while now, but I never did because I thought they were so many lists of the best websites for downloading medical books free, out there online.

What I discovered about these “best websites for downloading medical, pharmacy books” is that there is hardly any that does justice to the list. Among the list, we would find almost useless websites that are jam-packed with ads, viruses and annoying pop-ups. Those who make the list are not even making things easy, they are still posting websites that they probably got paid to post about.

What is most annoying about these sites is that they never have actual links to download the book they claim to have. They post surveys that lead nowhere, post advertisements all over their sites that take you elsewhere. For these reasons, and the problems mentioned above, I do hope that this list would be your last bus stop for downloading medical, pharmacy, dental, nursing, clinical, surgery books among other paramedical books absolutely FREE.


I will list them now starting from my favourites.

Important info: Whenever you search for any book on the listed sites, always use as few words as possible(at most 3 words or 2 words), if you use the entire name of the book to search for it, you might not get any result to download any book, this is because you are making a query to a computer and not a librarian. Searching the entire name like “Clinically Oriented Anatomy 7th Edition By Keith L. Moore” won’t get you any result because the computer might not find the exact match for that name, what you are meant to do is to search “Moore anatomy” or “Clinically anatomy” not more than 2 or 3 words when searching.

1) Booksmedicos

This is my favourite, even though it’s not based on English, they are countless of English textbooks on it ironically. There is hardly any textbook I search for on this site that I won’t find a valid downloadable link on it. They use Zippyshare among others, for storing their books, which makes it very hard for copyrights to take down, so be rest assured that all the books on this site are downloadable and valid.

2) Library Genesis

This old site is a very large database of various categories of books, they also provide valid links for downloading from various sources. This site would provide various links to choose from, of which could be among. What I don’t like about is that the books there get deleted by legal owners a lot of time, so you could experience this, it’s a good try though. Give it a try.

This is an old and very large database of books and other files too. I have been able to download some relatively uncommon medical books here, it’s a good try, just search for the book name or author, and if it’s in their database, you get to choose the available formats you desire.

I am 90% certain that by the time you are through with my short but very quality website list for downloading medical books, you would have seen the book you are looking for. Unless the book is nowhere online which is very rare even if the book just got published last week. Lol.


I would be updating this list from time to time, trust me, I will never include any useless website, only confirmed, valuable, not annoying, and enjoyable websites would make it to my list.


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