How to stay awake while reading without coffee.

I decided to make a Google search on the topic ” how to stay awake while reading without caffeine coffee ” and most of the tips given are actually diversion from one’s reading. What if you don’t want to leave your reading table to take a walk, or play and talk to anybody which most post online suggest? What if you just want to read alone for straight 6-9 hours so you can cover a lot of reading materials without having to do the few minutes exercise that is suggested in other ” how to stay awake while reading ” posts online.


I will be listing some steps you can take that could potentially make you stay awake for a longer period of time without having to take caffeine coffee or do exercises or talk to friends etc. Different things work for different people, I do hope this works for you.


1)Refresh yourself before you start reading.

Eat something before you begin reading, so you won’t get hungry so soon while reading. Drink a lot of water and take a shower before you start reading. To stay awake while reading requires that your body is refreshed and energised, this would extend the enjoyable period of reading.


2) Look for a place that suits you most.

Some people read better where there is a little distraction in the environment, while others read better where everywhere is silent and where there is close to zero distraction. Study yourself and observe which one works best for you.


3) Remove everything that could distract your reading.

If you must be with your mobile phones and devices make sure you are not connected to the internet. Make sure whatever you want to do with the phone is related to what you are studying, if it’s necessary switch-on your airplane mode to avoid unnecessary phone calls. One of the most important steps in staying awake while reading is to remove all forms of distraction/s that would take your mind away from the object of study.


4)Make a mental list of what you want to achieve in your study session.

Before you actually begin reading, make a list in your mind of what you want to achieve. This would keep your focused and motivated to continue until you are through studying. If you want to know how to stay awake while reading, you should know what you want to achieve.


5)Do not be too comfortable.

One of the most common things that prevent people from studying is when they are too comfortable. No matter how good you are at studying if you are too comfortable while reading, you will definitely sleep off in no time. Do not lie on the bed, table or anything. Let me tell you a secret; whenever I am reading with a chair and a table, I tilt the chair I am sitting on, backwards a bit and support the chair with my knee in front of the table and feet on the chair. This way, my brain would be very active trying to keep my balance at the same time, keeping me awake for a long time. One principle to stay awake while reading for a long time is to ensure that your brain is actively doing something without distracting your reading.


6)Promise yourself a reward.

This works a lot of time because rewards are great motivation no matter how small. You can promise yourself a snack or a session of chatting ONLY after completion of your study. This way you are making your brain anticipate for the reward, and giving yourself enough will and motivation to continue until the end. Another secret of keeping yourself awake while reading is to reward yourself as a form of motivation.


7)Take a short break after every reading session.

Your brain needs to rest after a long journey. You need to refresh and recharge yourself after reading for a long time. When your brain gets saturated it can no longer take in any further information, so get up grab a snack, take a shower(if possible), give yourself a little break ONLY after achieving your aim, which shouldn’t be too unrealistic. One rule for staying awake while reading is not to overload your brain without resting. Learn to take a break, it helps a lot.


I hope these tips would work for you in case you have tried every other thing to no avail. I would be updating this steps from time to time. Stay tuned.





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