Don’t ever lose your Identity.

Don’t ever lose your identity. You know we humans have a tendency to feel we are totally different from other humans, well we aren’t totally wrong.

There aren’t two humans who are 100% the same, even identical twins have their differences because they can’t both possibly go through exactly the same thing in life, and this is part of what shapes us into what we are currently. The thing is, every single human is unique, we all have a part/role to play in this world no matter how insignificant or useless it might seem. To buttress my point, quickly read this very short story about the broken pot here

No one is completely useless as shown in the link, we are all going to be needed at one point or the other. No matter how awkward you may seem, no matter how backwards and out of reality your life may seem, there is always a place for you. We go through social pressures every day to modify some aspect of our natural tendencies in order to be accepted socially, which is fine only within a certain limit. If you have to modify more than 50% of your true personality, you are lost and living a fake life. It’s only babies that live 100% true life, they fear no judgement, they exhibit all their true tendencies and personality unrestricted, babies live at the apex of their true personality. If you really want to know your true personality, ask your mum how you behaved when you were still a toddler. You aren’t a baby anymore so no one expects you to exhibit 100% your true tendencies.

My point is this, your identity is that part of you that is essential to your mental health. It’s that part of you that wants to eat a fried chicken immediately on seeing one if you are a chicken person. It’s that part of you that just want to sleep all day on sighting your bed without having to worry about tomorrow if you are the relaxing type. It’s where you are completely at home with yourself. If you no longer feel good about doing things you have always loved from being a kid, then chances are you have lost your identity or close to losing it. If you are the type who love all types of animals and can sit all day watching them, but you now feel it’s awkward doing that, then chances are, you are losing your identity, don’t ever lose your identity.

What’s the effect of losing your identity? When you lose your identity, the negative effects are not far-fetched. You no longer live a happy life, even though your life seems happy, you will still feel some emptiness in you. That’s because you have lost your identity. It’s only you revisit your true identity, by doing something you have always enjoyed doing right from childhood, throw stones into the water and watch it ripple, take a sit and watch the trees gossip, throw yourself into the air, jump off a high level, free yourself and let your true identity out. Do whatever makes you happy, do whatever makes you marvel, embrace your true self. Don’t bury your true identity because it’s really all you have got. Don’t ever lose your identity.

Your identity is all you have truly got when all is finally lost. Don’t ever lose your identity.

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