A Oath of Sacrifice


If you are a medical student like me, you should be able to relate with this poem of mine:

I was sent to make your days shorter and your nights sleepless. 

Since you made a oath of sacrifice, your life is mine to dictate. 

Gone are the days of a cool and bouncy bed for your lazy container. 

Gone are the days your eyes set curiosly at the dark lights of mysteries. 

The whispering of the trees at the ears of the passing winds, you shall hear no more.

The hidden messages behind the chips of the nightingale birds, shall be a deafening silence.

The paroxysmal chorus of the drumming oceans shall cease to make sense no more. 

The end of the road shall be a mirage of the beginning. 

Your life shall I take from you to save others’ lives. 

For as long as you live, every man’s doing and misdoing shall be yours to resuscitate.

Post Author: Dr Dee

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