Applications every medical student should have.

It’s been a while I made a post here, well in this post I would be making a quick list of really important and useful mobile applications every medical student should have, the focus is on the Android platform.

What makes this list different from other lists online, is the fact that I have actually tested the applications myself for at least one year, and decided that it was useful for medical students. So here we go:

1) Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. This dictionary cost money in play store, so if your daddy is a senator, you could easily pay for it and download it. If on the flip side, you are an average chap like me, then you know how to make use of Google to download the application for free. Afterall we are saving lives, education should be free for all medical students in all ramification. (Note: An “obb” file needs to be downloaded for it to be used offline, same with Stedman’s)

2) Stedman’s Medical Dictionary
You might want to ask, why do I need two medical dictionaries? Well, the answer is simple; it’s because no one dictionary has everything you search for. The two dictionaries complement each other well, you could find the words you are looking for in one, and not find it in the other, although Dorland’s dictionary is heavier in details.

3) Essential Anatomy 3
This is a 3D anatomy atlas. It’s like having the entire human body in your hands, although it doesn’t show the integumentary system (i.e skin; who says you can’t learn something new on probingdeep? Lol), it’s a good application for people who want to learn anatomy on the go, it makes the study of anatomy really fast, and it’s especially good for visual learners. Learning anatomy is all about visualizing the structures in your mind, and remembering their positions, innervation, and vasculatures. This is not to say that it’s a replacement for your anatomy textbooks. This also costs money, but you know your way if you are an average chap like me.

4) iTriage
This dictionary is a combination of diagnostic tools, drugs/conditions dictionary, news and educative application. So it’s really an encompassing application. You should really give it a try. You can begin to feel like a doctor by using this application, because of the diagnostic tool. You can look up symptoms and be shown possible causes for the symptoms, but be warned that this cannot replace a doctor’s advice, it’s just for educational purposes.

5) Teach Me Anatomy (TMAnatomy)
Yes, this is another great application for V aspects of anatomy (gross, Neuro, histology etc.). It gives a summary of any topic available on the application. Although I must admit that I have seen some errors before while reading it, so be careful with how you use it.

6) Merriam Webster Dictionary
I have heard some people call this a medical dictionary, I wouldn’t do so. It’s a comprehensive English dictionary, among the oldest dictionaries we have. It would be fascinating to know that this dictionary contains some medical words, but don’t expect a medical explanation for those words, just simple English. It’s a very good English dictionary that every student should have, including medical students. It even includes a thesaurus and word games to help improve your vocabulary.

At this point, you might be wondering: why haven’t I said anything yet about physiological applications? Well, it appears that I haven’t found a single physiology application that is really good enough for my endorsement. But not to worry, I have something for physiology; search “wiki kids limited” on play store, it would bring up a series of topic-based applications, the majority of which are physiology/biochemistry topics. So have your pick. Wiki kids limited are really doing a great job, they have a very vast array of scientific topics to pick from, and to top it up, they are all absolutely free.

So there you have it. From time to time, I would be updating this page as I discover more great applications. You can also drop your suggestions in the comment box below.

See you later.

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