The Red Pill ; What the society won’t tell you about human sexual attraction.

This should be my most controversial post in a long while, and all I am about to write, right now are gotten from my personal observations and experience. Use your seat belt, you are in for a crazy ride. I would be taking a scientific, philosophical and anecdotal approach towards this theory of mine.

First, let’s say some things about myself. I don’t know if I am the only one, but I have this love for animals in general. From land animals to aquatic animals to the ones that fly in the air, I never get tired of watching them act in such natural and uninhibited manner which most times evades us, humans.
As a side note, this post is not a way to justify any human behaviour by comparing them to animal behaviours, neither is it a way to make animals better than humans. And this post is specifically directed to “most of” the straight guys, don’t worry, I would write one for the ladies too, as a gender-neutral person that I am. Let’s ride on. Do not use this for evil. I will get you and extract the knowledge from your brain.

Now let’s take a look at closer relatives to the human species (since it’s easier that way), the gorillas. In the gorilla society, there is always the alpha male who is usually the biggest and strongest among the gorillas. He gets the best places in the forest, he gets to explore the best trees, and he also gets ALL the female gorillas to himself without any sharing, at least not in his presence. What do you notice about this? The alpha male must have fought its way to get to the peak of the social class in his kingdom, he has been able to prove that he is the strongest, the biggest, the healthiest, the bravest and the most capable male that is more likely than any, to ensure the continuity of his gorilla species. If a weaker gorilla was allowed to mate with the females, the “bad” genes in the weak gorilla would weaken the survival value of the species, so it’s of utmost importance that the strongest and healthiest gorilla be the only one mating, to ensure that only healthy and strong gorillas are brought to the world.

Those who are used to reading scientific journals or watching animal documentaries would be familiar with this explanation, as it is a scientific theory. Truth be told, this is just an intelligent hypothesis trying to explain why the strongest male should be the one contributing to the gene pool. Nature keeps playing tricks on us, that debunk our intelligent guesses. There is hardly any explanation that fit every situation in nature. But for simplicity’s sake, we have to make do with the most intelligent explanation that appeals to our sense of reasoning, at least.

For the sake of those who don’t care about animals, let’s talk about the “red pill”. I have seen the term red pill in some articles online, and read some of them, here I am going to give my own perspective of the red pill. What you are about to read about the red pill, cannot be unread. You cannot “unknown” what you are about to know now. The red pill is a metaphorical drug I am going to give you now (as a guy) that would completely change how you react to human interactions, most especially the sexual aspect of human interaction. When I say sexual, I mean everything from romantic relationships, to dating, to rejection and every other thing that revolves around human sexuality and their responses and reactions. Once you take this red pill, rejection would have almost zero effect on you, though the pain might still be there, it would be nothing to you afterwards. Sex would also reduce in value to you or for a better term, not be such a big deal anymore. You would find it easier to accept the good, the bad and the ugly without it turning you into a monster or making you a worse person. So it’s not such a bad pill, as it brings you closer to reality and makes the truth of the matter clearer to you.

All that you have been told as a guy, or that you have heard about how to treat ladies if you want to be loved by them are blue pills. The society feeds guys with blue pills because it’s socially acceptable. It doesn’t have to work out well, as long as it’s what women want and it protects them from “bad behaviours” from guys, then they will feed you with it (blue pill). All the be a gentleman, always listen to her complains, be a shoulder to rest on, let her take the lead, open the door for her, pay for her drink, every king needs a queen, all those things are socially acceptable and simply protect women and make them feel special in compensation for all the unfair treatments meted upon the females. It has absolutely nothing to do with making you attractive to women. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Appealing to the human sense of reasoning, there is nothing wrong with men doing all these, because they are nice acts, and it shows the good nature of men who do it, but the problem is that, acts like these never give men the result they crave (i.e. to be attractive to women and get any woman they want) because these acts don’t do anything in making a woman see you as a potential sexual mate, the act simply reminds her that she is human deserving of respect too, and of value, and that she deserves it. It stops there, doesn’t go further than that. The more men who treat her the blue pill way, the higher her value to herself. That’s just the reason why they say “nice men always come last” because nice men give women the valued feeling they want, but never make them (nice men) Any more attractive.

The reasons why a lot of men get rejected by women they approach is because they can’t accept every man’s proposal (the obvious reason), the women they approach are usually the one they are attracted to, who are usually of higher social class than they are (this is the strongest mediator for attraction) and almost always guaranteed to reject them of lower social class, and they never approach women they are not attracted to, who are usually of lower social class than they are, and are the ones who are almost always the only ones who would ever accept their proposal. The same reason why you would reject a woman of lower social class than you are is the same reason a woman of higher social class would reject you. It’s that simple. Social class here means a combination of things which includes but not limited to wealth, social status, economic, cultural, political and even “psychological class”. I invented the psychological class term to refer to your sense of worth in comparison to the woman you want.
When you meet a woman of higher social status, you have already sensed her social status from afar, your brain would be set to treat her as someone of a higher class, and the way you treat her is sensed and measured by her to determine your psychological class (sense of worth), which in turn would feed her attraction for you. So if your psychological class is higher than hers (i.e your sense of worth is higher than hers) it feeds her attraction gauge to the sexual level. If not (which is the case, most of the time), her attraction for you remains at the platonic level (that is if you are friends with her, to start with). This brings me back to my gorilla story, the alpha male gorilla has higher social status than other gorillas (males and females), hence he automatically gets all the females he wants, that’s how the story relates to this discussion.

This also explains why a lot of women remain in abusive relationships, or why they always want men who don’t even want them nor like them half as much. It also explains why you never get the “hot” chick, because you never showed yourself to be of higher social class. It has nothing to do with your personality, nor your appearance, not even your value as a human. Rejection is only painful whenever we think being rejected means we aren’t good enough for the woman, being rejected means she doesn’t see you up there in the social class. That’s why sometimes a guy who doesn’t even look half as handsome as you are or have half the good behaviours that you have, would get the lady you are sure you deserve.

Now you might be thinking that I have been focusing so much on the social class without considering other factors, this is because social class is the single most important factor in attracting. Every other factor falls into place or gets cancelled out by this factor we are talking about here. Forget about every junk you have been reading on the internet(the irony is that, you are still reading the internet, lol), if they don’t talk about the social class (or similar terms), then it’s half-truths or straight out lies. If they tell you women don’t like pot belly and baldness, why do we find women drooling over rich men with these “hated” characteristics (social status bro), why is it those bad boys with the bad attitudes that no sane human would ever like, keeps getting the girls (social status bro), women are not stupid to act this way, it’s just the way nature had made them, for survival purposes. That’s the long and short of the red pill. The red pill is this knowledge you just had now, being rejected has nothing to do with your intrinsic value as a human, it saves you the unnecessary hatred towards women, you can divert that anger and hatred energy into becoming a better person, they will start coming for you, and this time, you would be less attracted to them (social status again).

Why does it always feel like sex would be better with women of higher social status than women of lower social status than you? This is also a trick of nature. If you don’t feel sex with women of higher social status is better, you won’t want to improve yourself in order to get those with higher social status, this way, nature keeps improving the males to be better. As a matter fact, sex is more of a mind thing than a physical thing, that’s why what we feel about sex is strongly mediated by our state of mind than just our physical body. No guy would ever be sexually attracted to a naked madwoman roaming the street in rags (except the mad ones). Our mind tells us that she is of lower social class, and hence sex with her won’t be as satisfying as sex with a rich and tidy woman. Which is totally not the case in reality. A rich and tidy woman might be boring, lacking in initiative and totally unresponsive to a man in bed, which makes sex actually poorer with her.

My point is, if both parties have their minds involved in the sexual act, regardless of the state of the physical body involved in the act, it would be more pleasurable than any other with less involvement of the mind. It’s like a guy who is attracted to women with big breasts, he would feel that sex with such women would be better (nature’s trick), but in actual sense, it’s no better than sex with a mad woman (for emphasis purposes), if they both have their minds in it. (Please note: I have not had sex with a mad woman before, it is not my experience.)

Now let’s delve into why nature has made things that way (my own intelligent guess). Let’s take a moment to imagine if things were opposite the way they are right now, in terms of attraction. Imagine if people were attracted and preferred to couple with those of lower social status than they are. The entire human race would spiral down to chronic mediocrity, eventually. There would be no competition to be better, everyone would want to be worse than they are to be more attractive. The human race would keep getting poorer at their chance of surviving the coming decades on earth because there is a preference for the “bad” genes. Does that picture look good to you? Now imagine the way things are right now, everyone wants to couple with someone of higher social status, so as to climb up the ladder themselves. Everyone wants to compete and be better and live happier lives, it’s a trick of nature to ensure our continuity.
Now that we understand this aspect of human behaviour, we can handle any situation that comes as long as we acknowledge this red pill as the truth.

As a side note, I am fully aware that there exist some people who would still go for someone of lower social class than they; in such cases, it doesn’t mean they are more attracted towards them, it could be a religious belief, or a cultural belief, or a personality predisposition that would make them go for someone of lower social class. It could be an external pressure that’s pushing them towards such an individual or even their own self-esteem. This is one of those exceptions that almost always exist in theories, as no theory is perfect.

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