Everyone has been hypnotized.


When people hear the word hypnosis, the first thing that comes to mind is mind control. Nothing could be more wrong than this because frankly speaking, no one can literally control another person’s mind. The title might sound unbelievable to an average person, because of the notion people have about hypnosis.
Technically, hypnosis has to do with making one’s consciousness altered/dormant, so as to have access to the subconscious through external suggestions. When you are hypnotized, you still have your will, I mean, no one can hypnotize you to leave your hand inside the fire without you being able to retreat your hand from burning even though you aren’t feeling the burning sensation as you would normally, you can still make a conscious decision to remove your hand from it. What a hypnotist does is to take our consciousness hostage (temporarily) and be in charge of it. So the hypnotist can suggest to our subconscious mind, whatever he/she wants to because our own consciousness is temporarily altered/silenced at that moment.

You might say, how is that not mind control? Well, the truth is, even if our consciousness has been altered/silenced temporarily, we can still go against the suggestions of the hypnotist even under hypnosis, but whenever we are under hypnosis it’s always easier to follow the suggestions of the hypnotist. Why go against the hypnotist when it’s easier to just follow his suggestions, that’s exactly how hypnosis works. Giving us choices but making the hypnotists choice an easier one than ours. Now that the technicalities of hypnosis are out of the way, let’s get to see how everyone is hypnotized.

The media, which include the TV, radio, internet, newspapers and all other means that information is passed across, are common ways in which people get hypnotized. Let’s take the TV for instance, you are watching an Indian movie “Like stars on earth”, fully engrossed in the movie and at some point of the movie you started getting emotional because everyone thought the boy in the movies was lazy and dumb, not knowing he had a problem beyond his control, and then you started crying after he was diagnosed and after he won the art competition…. This movie isn’t real, yet you are crying. Your subconscious has been made to accept that what is happening in the movie is actually happening presently in real life, hence the crying from you. The directors of the movies have employed your sense of hearing (the solemn music in the background), your sense of sight (the boy and every other person in the movie) and they have made it easier for you to choose to believe the movie is real and it would only be appropriate for you to become sympathetic and to cry at that moment, even though you know it’s a movie and it’s not real, it was easier for you to accept another alter reality (i.e. The movie is real). You can actually decide not to get emotional at that moment, this happens if you haven’t gotten engrossed by the movie and you have managed to detach yourself throughout the movie, it would then be more difficult for you to cry when others are crying because you consciously decided not to be hypnotized.

You never thought you have ever been hypnotized right? Lol, well, fortunately, you all have been hypnotized without you knowing. Hypnosis also happens when we are playing video games, we get so engrossed in the game, and take everything that happens in the games as real. If it’s a horror game, our heart starts pounding like it’s happening to us for real. Even when we know it’s not real, it’s easier for us to decide it’s real at that point (hypnosis). What about the social media? Almost everyone on the social media has created another world of their own on it, where the most important thing is the number of audiences watching and following us. Whenever we upload a picture, for instance on our social media and we get a lot of likes and comments, at that moment our reality is that a lot of people are sitting down at the audience and admiring us in awe. While the reality is that everyone is watching different people at the same time and no one, in particular, has the limelight, but to everyone that has large followers, they are in the limelight and they are superstars at that moment of euphoria, and they would do anything to keep having more of that attention even though it’s not a real attention compared to what celebrities get in real life. It’s easier for us to just accept we are some sort of superstars at that moment.

The radio, the TV, the newspapers can all hypnotize people when they carry a false information, like when they suggest that the government is hiding evidence of alien presence on earth with some obnoxious footage of possible aliens among us. At that moment we really don’t know what the truth is, but it’s easier for us to believe that aliens are among us at that moment, since a lot of people to believe it and it’s on TV/newspaper/radio. The same thing with the internet, we tend to believe information from the internet easily because it’s easier to, rather than questioning the information all the time.

I would like to give a more controversial example. The societal image and values itself can be another form of hypnosis. Some societies, for example, believe cats/owls/snakes/bats are evil creatures sent from the underworld to harm us spiritually, everyone in that society believe it because it’s easy to believe it when everyone else also believes it than to go against it. Even though those animals are no different from every other animal, we choose to believe it. When this society starts getting educated about these animals they would begin to come out of this hypnosis and see these animals for what they are, just animals. Some hypnosis is actually stronger and less temporary than others, like the above example, especially if it’s propagated by the society. We live in a world where women are generally considered less superior to men. This idea has been hammered into our subconscious since the time we were born, guys are made to believe they are protecting girls, they shouldn’t hit a girl, they shouldn’t be weak, they should be strong at all times; girls, on the other hand, are made to believe they aren’t strong, they are the nurturer, they are permitted to be emotional, they should do girly kinds of stuff etc. Even on TV, we have been made to believe a woman’s true worth lies in her physical appearance and her body and a man’s true value lies in his strength and achievement. What is the easiest thing for an average person to believe? Of course, those men are generally superior to women, even though that is not the case. No scientific evidence is present to prove that men are superior to women intellectually, socially or even physically (yes).

If we look at the animal world (exempt humans), which is devoid of societal rules, we would see that sometimes the females are bigger and stronger than the males (spotted hyenas, blue whales, owls etc.). Some species where the females are better protectors than the males, some species where the males are more beautifully coloured than the females(most birds) This is just to show you that without societal rules neither males nor females are significantly better than the other. So when next you are having a conviction about something, take a step back and observe it objectively like a third party, then ask yourself “am I not being hypnotized to believe this?”
Shocker: We can also hypnotize ourselves, for example, when we have certain preferences for certain people or things that aren’t logically defendable. For example, a guy might be attracted to a lady with pretty faces and consider them more suitable as partners than those with less pretty faces. But is there any objective truth in it? How does a pretty face enhance compatibility? Or when a lady with huge buttocks on Instagram starts gaining massive followers because of her twerking videos and guys are going wild and fantasizing about getting her on bed, she is seen as the ideal partner by the male folks because of that single characteristic, her buttocks. But in reality, we know there is no correlation between compatibility and the size of the buttocks, it’s just easier for the guys following her to accept the altered reality that she is the best woman for them at that moment.

So when next you are watching a stage show where someone is hypnotized to believe he is a chicken, know that what is happening to him happens to everyone at different levels and forms without our conscious knowledge.

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