40 days meditation, what has changed about me?

Hello guys, it’s been ages since I made a post on my blog. I have been very busy with medical school, participating in volunteer works with non-governmental organizations and trying to build a personal brand outside this blog. I’m working on two books, so fortunately/unfortunately most of my attention would be diverted into writing and […]

The dilemma of a logical mind

Let me tell you a story about a man with a logical mind. He shall be referred to as “He” henceforth. There lived a curious man who was never satisfied with simple answers, he always sought something deeper in every simple answer he got. Perhaps He never stopped asking questions he couldn’t stop asking questions. […]

Why do people hate?

Why do people hate? I had an experience recently, which I would describe as an expression of “hatred” towards me. Without going into the details of the experience, my natural curiosity got me searching for the nature of the emotion that manifests itself as hatred in humans. What I discovered was rather exonerating. The first […]

My experience in Preclinical medical school, University of Ibadan

by Dapo Adeniran (Dr_Dee_) Today, I am going to be sharing with you, my experience in Preclinical medical school, University of Ibadan. I have been waiting for the right moment to come up with this write-up. First of all, I consider myself a very average medical student, I was nothing close to being like the […]

Everyone has been hypnotized.

  When people hear the word hypnosis, the first thing that comes to mind is mind control. Nothing could be more wrong than this because frankly speaking, no one can literally control another person’s mind. The title might sound unbelievable to an average person, because of the notion people have about hypnosis. Technically, hypnosis has […]

Dorland’s illustrated medical dictionary 7.1.199 Stedman’s medical dictionary 7.1.210 apk

  If you have downloaded Dorland’s illustrated medical dictionary 7.1.199 apk and Stedman’s medical dictionary 7.1.210 apk but you needed to download the offline data(.pdb format) then you are at the right place. You probably had issues with downloading the offline data through the application, as I also experienced, but I eventually downloaded the offline […]

The Red Pill ; What the society won’t tell you about human sexual attraction.

This should be my most controversial post in a long while, and all I am about to write, right now are gotten from my personal observations and experience. Use your seat belt, you are in for a crazy ride. I would be taking a scientific, philosophical and anecdotal approach towards this theory of mine. First, […]

Gustatory pathway

The gustatory pathway is the complete sensory pathway for the sensation/perception of taste from the taste bud to the medulla to the thalamus to the brain. Whenever we put a substance into our mouth, our saliva bathes it and certain substances from the food become detected by the taste buds. The taste of a substance […]