Dorland’s illustrated medical dictionary 7.1.199 Stedman’s medical dictionary 7.1.210 apk

  If you have downloaded Dorland’s illustrated medical dictionary 7.1.199 apk and Stedman’s medical dictionary 7.1.210 apk but you needed to download the offline data(.pdb format) then you are at the right place. You probably had issues with downloading the offline data through the application, as I also experienced, but I eventually downloaded the offline […]

Gustatory pathway

The gustatory pathway is the complete sensory pathway for the sensation/perception of taste from the taste bud to the medulla to the thalamus to the brain. Whenever we put a substance into our mouth, our saliva bathes it and certain substances from the food become detected by the taste buds. The taste of a substance […]

Adrenergic Receptors

ADRENERGIC RECEPTORS Adrenergic receptors according to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary are “reactive components of effector tissues, most of which are innervated by adrenergic postganglionic fibres of the sympathetic nervous system. Such receptors can be activated by norepinephrine and/or epinephrine and by various adrenergic drugs; receptor activation results in a change in effector tissue function, such as […]

A study on ABO blood grouping polymorphism in plasmodium falciparum patients

Frequency of ABO blood group systems polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum malaria patients and blood donors from the Brazilian Amazon region. By RaBonni_AsiGee, Kintampo Health Research Centre / Ghana The idea of the study is to look out for the likelihood of having distinct allele frequencies on different variations of people with malaria. A study Which […]

Histology of Epithelial Tissues

HISTOLOGY OF THE EPITHELIAL TISSUES By Farayola Rachael Oluwatoyosi, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ibadan ▶ What are Epithelia and Epithelial Tissues? This article is about the histology of epithelial tissues. Epithelia simply mean coverings and Epithelial tissues are tissues that cover or line all body surfaces, cavities, and tubes and form interface between different […]

Lung Surfactants – an explanation

LUNG SURFACTANTS By Abdulrasheed Haleemarh University of Ibadan   ▶ Lung Surfactants are surface active agents that help in reducing surface tension. The surfactants in the lung are called pulmonary surfactants. They are formed by Tubular myelin. It is produced by the type II alveolar epithelial cells, type 1 alveolar epithelial cell and the Clara cells. ▶ […]