Best friends

BEST FRIENDS A life without best friends is a life not lived. Friends are an integral part of each of our lives with whom we share many of our most significant life events. However, we all have that one friend who’s a class above the rest. We feel privileged to have known that one person […]

Romantic relationships

Romantic Relationships What are we but insignificant specs of stardust wading through the vast ocean of existence? What is our existence but insignificant perturbations of the canopy of time? These are questions which have kept all of us awake at night, at some point in time. We all chase a sense of purpose. A sense […]

Material relationship with the non-living.

MATERIAL RELATIONSHIPS Relationships. What’s the first visual that comes to your mind when you hear this word? A young couple? Maybe a married couple with 2 kids? Two best friends, maybe?   Why do ‘relationships’ have to be limited to members of the same species? Why can’t it be broader? Okay. Now you’re thinking about […]

Causes of relationship failure

Causes of relationship Failure We live in the 21st century where relationship failure has become very rampant. A century dominated by exhilarating speeds, cutthroat competition and instant gratification. We are faceless individuals in an ocean of anonymity. Marks, GPA, Facebook likes frequent flier miles, ranks, ratings, mph – it’s funny how our existence and worth […]

Dealing with silent treatment/malice from people you care about.

Dealing with silent treatment/malice from people you care about People express emotions in a variety of different ways. Often, some of those ways can have very negative and debilitating effects on us. It is important that we remember that just because people experience emotions differently, it does not always mean that the way they do […]

Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships "So, you’re in a long distance relationship?! You guys are so brave!!" "You really think it’ll work out?” "You must be trusting him/her a lot to take that step" These are the things you hear the most when you tell people you are in a long distance relationship. The moment people hear […]