An abandoned experiment: Superconducting super collider USA

Superconducting super collider USA For a start, it is crucial to know what we’re talking about, and what kind device is supercollider, so we can better understand what kind machinery has been cancelled, and for what reasons. What is Superconducting super collider? Superconducting super collider or Particle accelerator or a particle accelerator is a device […]

Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS It has been long, 7 years from 2008, the debate about the greatness of Android and iOS growls on in the real life and virtual discussions among experts or common man. Both Android and iOS are operating systems programmed primarily in Smartphone and tablets. These are developed by Google and Apple Inc chronologically. First and the […]

Tips on how to do SEO keyword research.

5 Tips on how to do keyword research for SEO. Are you having a hard time looking for the right keywords to use for your SEO campaign? With no keyword research, there will be no optimization with the search engine. But, how can you optimize the website if you don’t know the reason why you are optimizing? […]

Differences between a softbrick, hardbrick and a broken android smartphone

How to tell the differences between a softbrick, hardbrick and a broken android smartphone. The fundamental thing to know whenever your smartphone isn’t booting anymore is to discover whether your versatile gadget is Hard Bricked, Soft Bricked or Broken. This post will offer you some assistance with differentiating between Soft Bricked versus Hard Bricked versus […]

Killing your Addiction to your Phone Effectively

Being in a computer age comes with all its ups and downs, life is now better than it used to be, considering the reduced mortality rate, computers replacing lots of manual works; advancement in communication mediums ,advancement in security, advancement in transportation medium and some other advantages of technology but at the same time, technology […]

How to be a hacker.

Do you have a fascination to be a hacker? It feels amazing being able to control computers to do things you aren’t supposed to be able to do. Actually hacking is a very broad term,we have those who specialize in hacking computers,some in hacking phones and devices,some specialize in hacking applications,some in tweaking softwares,some specialize […]